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media Object

The media object is part of the Media API, and it represents an audio file. Using a media object , your app can play the associated audio file, pause it, and so forth. It consists of the following API elements:


Use the or functions to instantiate a media object. Once your app creates a media object, it can call the media object methods to play, pause, or stop the audio playback, and so forth.

Android-Specific Behaviors

Only one audio file can be played at a time. If your app is playing an audio file and it starts a new one, the current playback is paused until the new file is played. Your app can resume the playback of the paused audio file from the current position by calling the media object's play method.

If a media object is playing and a call (incoming or outgoing) or alarm occurs, the media object automatically pauses the playback until the call or alarm ends. At that time, playback resumes automatically from the current location in the audio file.

If a media object is playing and an SMS (text) message or a notification occurs, the media object automatically lowers the volume of the current audio file until the text message sound or notification sound has finished. At that point, the media object automatically raises the playback volume to its former level.