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record Object

The record object is part of Media API, and it enables your app to record audio. It consists of the following API elements:


Use the function to create a record object. Once your app creates a record object, it can call the record object methods to start or stop recording audio.

Android-Specific Behaviors

When a record object is recording audio, playing an audio file causes the record object to stop and save the recording. This occurs whenever a phone call is initiated or received, or when a notification or alarm sound is played. If the recording is successfully saved, the onSuccess callback that your app set in the config parameter of the function is automatically invoked. If the recording cannot be saved, the onFailure callback, which your app also set in the config parameter of the function, is invoked instead.

It is possible, for whatever reason, for the device to begin recording audio while your app is recording. In such a case, the record object in your app stops recording and saves the audio it has captured to a file.