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voltmx.ui.ActionSheet Function

The details of the voltmx.ui.ActionSheet function, which is part of the voltmx.ui Namespace, are as follows.


Constructs an ActionSheet object that represents an iOS Action Sheet.



Input Parameters


A JavaScript object containing key-value pairs that define the configuration parameters for the Action Sheet. This object must contain the following keys.

Key Description
title A string that specifies the title for the Action Sheet.
message A string containing the action sheet's message to display to the user.
showCompletionCallback A callback function that is invoked after the display of the action sheet. For details, see the Remarks section below.


//Creating the Action Sheet Object
  var actionSheetObject = new voltmx.ui.ActionSheet({
        "title":"VoltMX Basecamp", 
        "message":"Welcome to VoltMX Base Camp! Explore. Learn. Develop. Share.", 
        "showCompletionCallback": function(){

Return Values

Returns an ActionSheet object.


The actionSheetParams parameter is an object containing key-value pairs. When your app uses the showCompletionCallback key, it specifies a callback function that is automatically invoked after your app displays the action sheet. The callback function must have the following signature.


In an Action Sheet, only one action item can have the style constants.ACTION_ITEM_STYLE_CANCEL.

Platform Availability