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voltmx.ui.ActionItem Function

The details of the voltmx.ui.ActionItem function, which is part of the voltmx.ui Namespace, are as follows.

Constructs an ActionItem object for use in an ActionSheet object.


new voltmx.ui.ActionItem(actionItemParams)

Input Parameters


A JavaScript object containing key-value pairs that define the configuration parameters for the action item. The style and action keys are optional.

Constant Description
title A string that specifies the title for the action item.
style A value from the Action Item Style Constants that selects the style of the action item.
action A JavaScript function that handles user selections from the action item. For more information, see Remarks below.


//Creating the Action Item Object
  setActionSheet: function(){
    var actionItem = new voltmx.ui.ActionItem({
    "title": "Open Basecamp",
    "style": constants.ACTION_ITEM_STYLE_DEFAULT,
    "action": function(){

Return Values

Returns an ActionItem object that can be added to an Action Sheet.


The action function, which is passed into this function through the actionSheetParams parameter, must have the following prototype.

actionItemCallback(actionSheetObject, actionItem1);

where actionSheetObject is a handle to the ActionSheet object that the ActionItem object is associated with, and actionItem1 is a handle to the ActionItem object that the user selected.

Platform Availability