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Notes.ini Variables for Logging

Logging is done by default to the log.nsf. To log to log.nsf on the server, users will need at least depositor access. If they do not have access, logs are written to the mail database and will be accessible in the All Documents view. By default only errors are logged.


The log level can be changed by adding a notes.ini variable DOMI_LOG_LEVEL. Valid settings are integers:

  • 0: OFF - logging is disabled.
  • 200: ERROR - only exceptions are logged. This is the setting used if the notes.ini variable is omitted.
  • 300: WARN - warnings and exceptions are logged.
  • 400: INFO - method results, warnings and exceptions are logged.
  • 600: TRACE - actions, HTTP Request and Response content, method results, warnings and exceptions are logged.


For security purposes, access and refresh tokens are masked in requests and responses at TRACE level.


Setting DOMI_LOCAL_ECHO=1 echoes all log events to the Notes Client status bar as well as writing to the log.

Remember that the Notes Client will need to be restarted to take account of changes in notes.ini variables.