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Managing Credentials

To understand the OAuth flow, review the Process Flow page.

Getting an OAuth Token

The process for getting an OAuth token just performs a NotesUIWorkspace.URLOpen() to launch the request to retrieve a token in a browser. The action button in Online Meeting Credentials form calls the (DOMI_getOAuthTokenFE) agent, which calls getOAuthToken() in domiUtilsFE Script Library.

Validating an OAuth Token

Using the “Paste” “button pastes the token from the clipboard into the Online Meeting Credentials form, saves it and triggers (DOMI_validateOauthTokenFE) agent, which calls domiValidateOAuthToken() in domiUtilsFE Script Library. This uses DominoOnlineMeetingIntegrator.refreshAuthToken() to make a request to the DOMI web application with the refresh token, which will return valid access refresh tokens.

Any save triggers validation the OAuth token in the PostSave.

The Validate OAuth Token action button does the same but is only available in read mode.

Revoking an OAuth Token

The Revoke OAuth Token action button triggers (DOMI_revokeOAuthTokenFE) agent, which calls domiRevokeOAuthToken() in domiUtilsFE Script Library. This runs DominoOnlineMeetingIntegrator.refreshAuthToken() and then DominoOnlineMeetingIntegrator.revokeAuthToken() to revoke the OAuth token.

Getting a Sametime Token

Sametime does not use OAuth, but does return access and refresh tokens. The process requires two calls:

  • An initial call to /refresh endpoint to receive a set-cookie header with an _csrf token and an x-csrf-token header.
  • A call to /login endpoint to retrieve sametimeJwt and sametimeRefresh tokens.