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Documentation for DOMI LotusScript Code

The Domino Online Meeting Integration runs LotusScript for integrating with meeting providers.


  • Online Meeting Credentials: form for creating and managing online meeting credentials.
  • (domiSTLoginDlg): dialog form used when prompting for Sametime credentials from Online Meeting Credentials form.


  • DOMI_onlineMeetingActions: subform appended to the Calendar Entry form during installation. This contains all the action buttons for adding online meetings to a calendar entry.


  • Online Meeting Credentials: the view end users access to create and manage onlione meeting credentials.
  • (DOMI_beMeetingCredentials): a programmatic view used by LotusScript code to retrieve online meeting credentials. Do not change the order of columns in this view.


All interaction from action buttons is via Agents. All agents are hidden from Actions menu. Agent names should be self-explanatory, with the following abbreviations:

  • Gtm: GoToMeeting
  • ST: Sametime
  • Teams: Microsoft Teams
  • Webex: Webex
  • Zoom: Zoom

Script Libraries

  • domiConstantsBE: Script Library for all constants used within DOMI. NOTE Constants get cached by the Script Library and all dependent Script Libraries. So the scenario is a constant is defined in Script Library A and used in Script Library B. If you change the constant in Script Library A, Script Library B still retains the old value until either Script Library B is re-saved or all LotusScript is recompiled. However, if the constant is referenced via a Property Get statement, the updated constant value is reflected.
  • domiIntegrator: Script Library containing the DominoOnlineMeetingIntegrator class that performs the OAuth meeting integration. There are also some private functions that are only used within this class.
  • domiListsCollections: Script Library containing list and collection classes, particularly used to load objects and convert to JSON strings.
  • domiUtilsBE: Script Library containing backend-only methods relating to DOMI. Restricting to only backend functions ensure this class can be used from outside the Notes Client.
  • domiUtilsFE: Script Library containing functions used from Notes Client. This is the entry point from many of the agents.
  • enhLogClass: Script Library containing Enhanced Log logging framework.
  • FluentNotesJson: Script Library from Volt MX LotusScript Toolkit, for more easily contructing JSON objects.
  • JsonDateTime: Script Library from Volt MX LotusScript Toolkit, for converting NotesDateTime objects to JSON.
  • NotesHttpJsonRequestHelper: Script Library from Volt MX LotusScript Toolkit, for processing JSON requests in LotusScript.
  • NotesHttpRequestHelper: Script Library from Volt MX LotusScript Toolkit, parent of NotesHttpJsonRequestHelper.
  • NotesHttpStatusCodes: Script Library containing handling IETF RFC HTTP status codes.
  • NotesRESTConsumer: Script Library containing NotesRESTconsumer class for processing HTTP Requests and extracting content.
  • VoltMXHttpHelper: Script Library from Volt MX LotusScript Toolkit.

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