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DOMI Install Agent Details

The DOMI Install Agent (01. Install DOMI in Target Mail Db) can really be broken down into three major steps for each design element in the featureset:

  • If the design element is a Script Library or Agent, replace the UNID (and of course update the corresponding Design Element Profile with the new UNID)
  • Search the target Mail template for an existing version of the design element; if found, delete it
  • Copy the design element into the target mail template

Once the featureset design elements have been copied, then the final step is to add the DOMI subform into the Calendar Entry Form. This is done using DXL.

Each of the steps above has been encapsulated into a function to make it easier for troubleshooting and overall maintenance. Additionally, a couple of calls are used in multiple places, so those functions are stored in the dxlUtilsBE Script Library.

Function: Replace Design Element UNID for Script Libraries and Agents

This function is called replaceDEUNID(deDoc as NotesDocument), where deDoc is a handle to the Design Element Profile of the current design element. It performs the following steps:

  • Gets a handle to the existing design element using the UNID stored in the provided Design Element Profile
  • Generates a new UNID
  • Replaces the UNID of the design element
  • Deletes the old design element NOTE: When you replace the UNID of a design element, it creates a NEW design element using that UNID; however the old design element is still in the database. Therefore the old design element must be deleted manually.
  • Updates the Design Element Profile with the new UNID
  • Returns the new UNID as a String

Function: Find & Remove the Old Design Element From the Mail Template (if applicable)

The function used for this step is called getElementHandle(mailDb as NotesDatabase, elementType as String, elementName as String), where

  • mailDb is a handle to the target Mail template
  • elementType is the type of design element we’re looking for (e.g. Script Library, Form, View, Agent)
  • elementName is the name or alias of the design element

getElementHandle() uses NotesNoteCollection to get a collection of all of the design elements of the given type. Keep in mind that NotesNoteCollection does NOT contain a collection of NotesDocument objects; instead it contains a list of all of the NoteIDs of those type of design elements found in the given database/template. This means that we have to:

  • Get a collection of all of the NoteIDs
  • Loop through them using getDocumentByID() then check for our element by name or alias
  • Once our design element is found, return it as a NotesDocument object

If a design element is returned from getElementHandle() it is deleted from the target Mail template.

Once the old design element has been removed from the target Mail template, the new design element is copied into that template.

Then our final step is to update the Calendar Entry form.

Function: Add the DOMI Subform to the Calendar Entry Form

The function used for this step is called addDOMISubformToAppointment(mailDb as NotesDatabase), where mailDb is a handle to the target Mail template. Since this function is only used by this agent, it is located in the agent itself. This function performs the following setps:

  • Check to see if a backup of the original, unchanged Calendar Entry Form already exists using the getElementHandle() function previously covered. If it’s found, then it is deleted.
  • Get the DXL of the Calendar Entry Form using the function getElementDXL(), and put it into a NotesStream object to make it easier to work with
  • Search the DXL stream to see if the DOMI subform DXL tag (<subformref name='DOMI_onlineMeetingActions | onlineMeetingActions'/>) already exists
  • If the tag does not exist, add it to the bottom of the form, right above the </richtext></body> close tags
  • Import the updated DXL stream back into the Mail template using the importDXLStream() function. This function will create a backup of the design element and name it (BACKUP-DOMI-Appointment) automatically
  • Return True if successful

And that’s it! The Mail template is now updated with the DOMI feature.