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Deleting Meetings (OAuth Providers)

Sametime functionality is different, so this page only refers to other meeting providers.


Deleting meetings goes via the (DOMI_deleteXXXXMeeting) agents.

domiDeleteMeeting() is then called, passing the nodesToCopy StringList and the service type as a string constant.


The domiCreateMeeting() function in the domiUtilsFE Script Library calls dominoOnlineMeetingIntegrator.deleteMeeting(). This checks whether there is a meeting ID and, if not, aborts.

deleteMeeting() then goes through the process for me.doMeetingRequest().

After doMeetingRequest() push, if authorization has still failed the code exits - this will get picked up in domiNotifyResult() in domiUtilsFE.

If everything was fine, the code clears the fields.

The code then comes back up to domiDeleteMeeting and calls domiNotifyResult().