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Creating Meetings (OAuth Providers)

Sametime functionality is different, so this page only refers to other meeting providers.


Creating meetings goes via the (DOMI_scheduleXXXXMeeting) agents. `domiCreateMeeting() is called passing the relevant service type as a string constant.

Deprecated Functionality - 1.0.2 and Lower
Prior to version 1.0.3 each agent had different entries in the `nodesToCopy` StringList. This list contained a key (the field to set on the Calendar Entry) and a value (the node to extract from the REST API response). The fields set vary depending on what information is available from the REST API.

`domiCreateMeeting()` was then called, passing the `nodesToCopy` StringList and the service type as a string constant.

This has now been moved to domiUtilsBE Script Library and getDOMInodeNamesToCopy function.


The domiCreateMeeting() function in the domiUtilsFE Script Library calls dominoOnlineMeetingIntegrator.createMeeting().

This goes through pushMeeting.

The code then comes back up to domiCreateMeeting and calls domiNotifyResult().