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Notes and Comments

Volt MX Iris Tutorials

Notes and Comments

1. Documenting Notes in Iris

  1. Widget Selection

    Select the widget or form on which one would like to capture and document Notes.

  2. Documenting Notes

    Create, Edit and Save notes with respect to the selected widget or form, in rich text format.

  3. Toggle Badges

    Switch ON badges to view a graphical representation of the notes documented, on a form.

  4. Publish To Cloud

    Publish the application preview to the cloud for collaboration with peers.

2. Reviewers Point of View – Providing Feedback

  1. Provide Feedback

    Touch screen of Iris App Preview with 2 fingers to provide comments.

  2. Create Comment

    Select the ‘create note’ option to provide feedback and comments on the particular form on the mobile application preview.

  3. Post Comment To Designer

    Enter the comment and post it to the designer.

3. Designers Point of View – Receiving Feedback

  1. Feedback Notifications

    View feedback notifications from peers on the Iris console.

  2. View Comments History

    View the entire list of comments provided with respect to the particular form in the mobile application.

  3. Respond To Comments

    Edit and respond to comments as required or even delete comments as desired.