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User Guide: Features


Following are the features of Volt MX Foundry:

  • Adding Applications: You can provide the basic details of an app, such as the name and icon. You can add the following services to the app:
    • Identity: This feature allows you to define the type of authentication used for granting access to your application.
    • Integration: This feature allows you to define various back-end services for your application.
    • Orchestration: Service orchestration is the coordination or integration of several services and exposing them as a single service. This feature allows you to create two types of orchestration services.
    • Objects: Allows you to create app models for LOB objects, storage objects, and Service-Driven Objects.
    • Offline sync: This feature allows you to define the synchronization services for your application. Sync supports only Web Services, except SAP Sky.
    • Engagement: This feature allows you to send push notifications, email, SMS and passes to subscribed applications.
  • API Management: Configure and manage (create, edit, and delete) app services (identity, integration, and orchestration) without linking or configuring them within an app.
  • Export and Import Apps: Export apps from one workspace (VoltMX account) and import them to different workspaces of Volt MX Foundry Console.
  • Manage Client App Assets: Manage client binaries through Volt MX Foundry Console such as creating mobile applications, publishing the apps to a Volt MX Management Environment and Server.
  • Publish: After adding the required services, publish your app.