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User Guide: Support

Volt MX Support

The Support page displays links to the latest tutorials and articles and Developer resources from Base Camp Library. Base Camp is VoltMX's centralized hub for developer resources and community. Our resource-rich platform will help you get your Apps up running quickly.

The following are the Developer resources from Base Camp Library:

  • Forum - Ask questions, get answers.
  • Marketplace - Free! Yes, we said free components to pop into your apps.
  • Events - Geek out with us during our monthly Tech Talks and Webinars.
  • Ideation - Search for, vote on, and create Ideas (feature requests) for HCL products.
  • Training - Up your game by becoming a HCL Certified Designer for free.
  • Documentation & Articles – Resources the way you want them.
  • Release Notes - Foundry & Iris - Do not miss a beat when we release new features into the wild.