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User Guide: Benefits of using Volt MX Identity


Volt MX Foundry identity services help you secure your application by adding an authentication layer.

You can set up an identity service based on the type of the users who are allowed to access your application. To restrict access to your company's internal audience, use Microsoft Active Directory authentication. To allow access of your application to a larger audience, you can use enterprise identity providers (Microsoft Active Directory, Volt MX SAP Gateway, Open LDAP, OAuth 2.0, Salesforce, Custom Identity Service, SAML 2.0, Siteminder ) and social identity providers (Google, Linkedin, Instagram, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, BOX, Facebook.)

Benefits of using Volt MX Identity

  • Volt MX Foundry‚Äôs Identity Service User Interface eliminates coding backend authentication mechanisms into your app.
  • All the auth token handling is done at Volt MX Foundry layer to make applications more secure.

Workflow of Volt MX Identity Services

The following workflow describes the various stages of Identity services:

Supported Identity Providers

Volt MX Foundry Identity Services support connectivity to the following different identity providers.

Enterprise Identity Providers Social Identity Providers
(OAuth 2.0)