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User Guide: Offline Enablement

Offline Sync (Offline objects)

An Offline Object is a solution to the data synchronization problem that Apps face when they must work offline. The Offline object is a new synchronization capability built on the top of Volt MX Foundry Object Services. Using the Offline Objects feature, apps can download data from the Volt MX Foundry Object Services to a mobile device. Apps can continue to use the downloaded data when the device does not have network connectivity. Data can be synced with the Volt MX Foundry Object Services back-end, once the device gets the network.

Let us learn more about offline objects in this video. This video gives information about:

  • The definition of Offline Objects
  • The architecture of Offline Object
  • The configuration of the Offline Object Services

Note: For more hands-on approach on how to implement Offline Sync Services, import and preview the Work Order Management (Offline Enabled) app on to your Iris.

For more information on Offline objects, refer to the following: