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Volt MX User Repository (Deprecated)

User Guide: Identity > Configure the Identity Service > Volt MX User Repository (Deprecated)

Volt MX User Repository Identity Service

Volt MX Foundry allows you to use the built-in VoltMX User Repository (User Store) identity service to authenticate your apps. It provides a compact but robust authentication solution for all users that are part of the service. Typically, you can create log-in credentials for app users, so that the service restricts the number of users accessing the application. Admins and Members are the default groups available in the Volt MX User Repository.A user must be part of a group. By default, all users are associated to the Members group.

Note: Support for Volt MX User Repository Identity Service is deprecated from V8 SP4 AprilFP onwards. Click here to view the V8 SP4 Document version for Volt MX User Repository Identity Service

You can create your own user repository by using the enhanced User Repository identity service type. With the User Repository identity service, you can create multiple instances in the same account. You can create custom set of users in an instance of the enhanced User Repository type and use them for authentication of apps. For more details, refer User Repository Identity Service.