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User Guide: Identity > Configure the Identity Service > Siteminder

SiteMinder Identity Service

After a developer configures a SiteMinder instance in Volt MX Foundry Console, the SiteMinder instance handles authentication and authorization of users. When a SiteMinder user logs in Volt MX Foundry app, the system directs the user to the SiteMinder log-in page. After a SiteMinder user logs into the SiteMinder instance, the user will be redirected to Volt MX Foundry Console. Volt MX Foundry auth service will verify whether SiteMinder headers and cookies exist before granting access to Volt MX Foundry design-time components. Volt MX Foundry components include the Volt MX Foundry Console, Volt MX Foundry Engagement, Volt MX Foundry Sync, and Volt MX Foundry Integration Server.

Note: SiteMinder Identity service support is available only for Volt MX Foundry On-premises.

To configure a SiteMinder service, follow these steps:

  1. Under the Identity service designer page, type a name for the service in the Enter Service Name text box.
  2. From the Type of Identity list, select SiteMinder.

  3. In the Siteminder Session Cookie Name field, enter a cookie name.

  4. Under User Attribute Selectors from Request Header, provide the following details:

    1. In the Federation ID field, enter a valid ID.
    2. In the Email ID field, enter a valid Email ID.
    3. In the First Name field, enter your first name.
    4. In the Last Name field, enter your last name.
    5. Under User Group Endpoint Details, in the URL field, enter a valid URL.
      For example, http://localhost:xxxx/customidp/login
    6. Click Saveto finish configuration of the identity provider.

    Note: You can view the service in the Data Panel feature of Volt MX Iris. By using the Data Panel, you can link back-end data services to your application UI elements seamlessly with low-code to no code. For more information on Data Panel, click here.