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Find and Replace

With Volt MX Iris, you can find and also replace instances of code and text in your modules, assets, and action sequences.

To find and replace data, do the following:

  1. On the Edit menu, click Search.
    The Search tab opens in the Console.
  2. Click one or more of the four available search options:

    • Regular expression, which interprets your query as written using regular expression notation
    • Case-sensitive
    • Whole word
    • Wrap
  3. In the Find text box, type what you want to search for. As you type, the search results are immediately returned.

    • To open the file where a particular instance of the query resides, click the search result. To highlight that particular instance in its file, click the search result again.
    • To clear your query, hover over the far right end of the text box, and then click the X that appears.
    • To highlight the next instance of your query in the search results, click the Next arrow.
    • To highlight the previous instance of your query in the search results, click the Previous arrow.
  4. To replace a query, type the replacing data in the Replace With text box, and then click Replace. To replace all instances, click Replace All. To undo a change, click in the file that was modified, and then press Ctrl+Z, or click Undo from the Edit menu. To undo additional replacements, repeat. You can also undo changes by closing the file without saving the changes, although this will also lose any unsaved changes you made to the file before the find and replace operation.

Note: You cannot undo a Replace All operation.