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Web App Development

Modern Web & Next Generation Progressive Web Applications

Peruse through this Volt Mx Base Camp article to understand how Volt MX AppPlatform provides a rich and powerful modern web experience through the Single Page Application (SPA) model. Learn more about designing and developing Progressive Web Applications and Responsive Web Applications for various channels.

Getting Started: Build your first Web App

Learn how to build your first web app by completing a set of Volt MX Iris Hikes.

Responsive Web Design

Watch this Web Enablement Tutorial video to understand the intricacies of developing Responsive Web applications.

Responsive Grid Layout

Gain an understanding on how to implement and use the Responsive Grid Layout for the Mobile, Tablet, and Responsive Web apps.

Volt MX PWA: Building a Basic Web App

Learn how to build a basic web app by using Volt MX AppPlatform.

Volt MX PWA: Enhancing the Web App

Add more functionalities and enhance the UI of your web app.

Volt MX PWA: Making the App a Progressive Web App

Find out how to turn your basic web app into a Progressive Web app.

Custom Widget for Desktop Web

Learn to create a widget or component by importing custom 3rd party web libraries into Adaptive Web and Desktop Web applications.

Volt MX AppFactory: Building and Testing Web Apps

Gain more knowledge on the Volt MX AppFactory functionality of building and testing your web apps.

Responsive Web Design

Gain an understanding on how Responsive Web Design helps you to design your Desktop Web applications to fit various layouts (for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop). This feature allows you to create a glitch-free browsing experience for your app.

Progressive Web Apps

Learn about Progressive Web Apps: applications that feel like a Native app but are available over browsers to a user.

Desktop Web Settings

Understand the properties that can be used for your application on Desktop Web for various platforms.

Offline Objects for Web

Use Offline Objects to enable your app to access services on your device, if it is not connected to a network (data).


Understand how Volt MX Iris supports search engine optimization (SEO) for single-page applications (SPAs) and Desktop web apps to make your cached web pages discoverable by search bots and spiders, such as Googlebot

Add Custom CSS Code to a Web App

Customize the look and feel of certain widgets in an SPA app by adding your own CSS code. This code replaces certain properties that you would otherwise set on the Skin tab of a widget, including background, border, font, and shadows.

Web Preview

Learn how the Live Preview feature helps you achieve a seamless in-app preview experience within Volt MX Iris. Live Preview reduces the build and preview time of an adaptive web app. It enables you to view your app as it appears on various devices without having to view the app on those devices.


For a more hands-on approach on how to implement Engagement Services and Orchestration Services, import and preview the Events Progressive Web app in Volt MX Iris. This app provides users the option to browse through and register for upcoming events in an organization.

Employee Directory

For a more hands-on approach on how to use Volt MX User Repository and Object Services, import and preview the Employee Directory Progressive Web app in Volt MX Iris. This app allows you to search, discover, and know more about your co-workers.

Resort Feature App

For a more hands-on approach on the Responsive Web Design and Progressive Web App features, import and preview the Resort feature app in Volt MX Iris. This sample app is a Responsive Web app for a resort with the major functionality of organizing corporate events.