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App User Interface

Introduction to Forms

Learn about forms: the top-most container widget and usually the first widget that you add to an application. Understand how your app can contain multiple screens by adding multiple FlexForms, thereby allowing app-users to navigate between these screens.

Using Widgets

Learn about the use of widgets (the building blocks of a screen) in a digital app and understand the specific purpose of each widget, such as user interaction or animation. Volt MX Iris provides you with built-in widgets that help you build your required functionality. You can configure every widget based on your needs.

Responsive Design for Web

Gain an understanding on how Responsive Web Design helps you to design your Desktop Web applications to fit various layouts (for mobile, tablet, and desktop). This feature allows you to create a glitch-free browsing experience for your app.

Skins and Themes

Skins give you the ability to establish visual continuity in your app. Find out about the various visual settings that comprise a skin: the widget background color and opacity; the widget border color, opacity, size, and shape; the widget shadow settings; and much more.

Find and Replace Skin Properties

Learn to customize the Background, Border, and Font properties of the skins available in the current theme that is being used by the project.

Actions and Events

Get acquainted with the eight broad categories of actions that you can add to a widget, and how you can leverage these actions to improve your app functionality.

Assets & Images

Learn how to add images, videos, and other media to a form.

Using Components

Use Components to quickly develop sophisticated applications with dynamic and responsive user interfaces across multiple channels: Phones, Tablets, Wearables, and Desktops. You can use components as building blocks for rapid application development without having to write all the code yourself.

Accessibility & Internationalization

Use Internationalization (i18n) features to build your app for various language locales without making changes to the application code or logic.

Sketch and Photoshop Integration

Use Volt MX Iris plugins to convert your UI designs built on third-party design tools into Iris projects.

Best practices and Design Guidelines

Learn about various aspects integral to designing mobile apps, such as functionality, design, and performance.