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Use a Phone widget to launch the native phone dialer and initiate a phone call to a specified phone number. When a user clicks the Phone widget, the native dialer launches to make a call.

To learn how to use this widget programmatically, refer VoltMX Iris Widget guide.

Look Properties

Look properties define the appearance of the widget. The following are the major properties you can set:

  • Whether the widget is visible.
  • The platforms on which the widget is rendered.
  • How the widget aligns with its parent widget and neighboring widgets.
  • If the widget displays content, where the content appears.

For descriptions of the properties available on the Look tab of the Properties pane, see Look.

Skin Properties

Skin properties define a skin for the widget, including background color, borders, and shadows. If the widget includes text, you can also specify the text font.

For the Phone widget, you can apply a skin and its associated properties for the following states:

Skin Definition
Normal The default skin of the widget.
Focus The skin applied when the widget has the focus.

For more information about applying skins, see Understanding Skins and Themes.

Phone Properties

On this tab, you can assign properties that are run on any platform (which is supported by Volt MX Iris) and also, assign properties specific to a platform.


Actions define what happens when an event occurs. On a Phone widget, you can run an action when the following events occur:

  • onTouchStart: The action is triggered when the user touches the touch surface. This event occurs asynchronously.
  • onTouchMove: The action is triggered when the touch moves on the touch surface continuously until movement ends. This event occurs asynchronously.
  • onTouchEnd: The action is triggered when the user touch is released from the touch surface. This event occurs asynchronously.

For more information, see Add Actions.

Placement Inside a Widget

The following table summarizes where a Phone widget can be placed:

ScrollBoxHorizontal Orientation -YesVertical Orientation- Yes
Template Header- NoFooter- No

Widget Appearance on Platforms

The appearance of the Phone widget varies as follows:

Platform Appearance