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Headless and Continuous Integration Build


Build and publish an app without launching the Eclipse environment that hosts Volt MX Iris.

Continuous Integration (CI) with Volt MX Foundry (MFCLI)

Learn about the capabilities of Continuous Integration (CI) by using Volt MX Foundry APIs. Without using Volt MX Foundry Console, you can automate the process of importing an app, exporting an app, and publishing an app by using APIs supported in CI.

Pass Proxy Details by using MFCLI

Learn how to pass proxy details by using MFCLI, a continuous integration utility provided by Volt MX Foundry for continuous development using Agile methodology.

Using Multi Factor Authentication with Volt MX Foundry CLI

Learn how to leverage the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a feature to activate a user account for an added security authentication on Cloud, with Foundry CLI.