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Welcome to Volt MX Go documentation

Volt MX Go modernizes and extends the value of your Domino applications with the market-leading, multi-experience platform Volt MX by:

  • connecting Volt MX Go Foundry to your Domino applications
  • modernizing or creating new multi-experience applications in Volt MX Go Iris on your Domino back-end data and applications
  • expanding who can code applications built in Domino, allowing for app modernization or migration without requiring a complete rewrite of the code
  • importing existing Domino views, forms, and fields into Volt MX Go Foundry to get a head start on your Volt MX Go applications

To learn more, see Introducing Volt MX Go.

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What's new

For the latest release information about Volt MX Go, see What's new.

How the documentation is organized

The Volt MX Go documentation is based on the Diátaxis framework, which organizes documentation into the following modes to address users' documentation needs at different times and in different circumstances. Below shows an overview that guides you on where to look for needed information:

Tutorials - Hands-on introduction to Volt MX Go

How-to guides - Practical step-by-step guides for performing tasks and operation

Topic guides - High-level discussion and explanation of key topics and concepts to give background information

References - Technical references and descriptions on using Volt MX Go


For more information on effectively using the Volt MX Go documentation, see Guide to documentation.