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Guide to documentation

About this guide

This guide provides information on effectively using the Volt MX Go documentation.

Documentation sections

The Volt MX Go documentation is based on the Diátaxis framework, which organizes documentation into the following main sections:

  • Tutorials
  • How-to guides
  • Topic guides
  • References

The sections address different user needs and fulfill different purposes. Below is an overview that guides you on where to look for needed information:

Tutorials help new users achieve basic competence to use the product. Completing a tutorial enables the user to make sense of the rest of the documentation and the product itself.

How-to guides give directions for a user to achieve a specific outcome. It also helps frame the capabilities of the product.

Topic guides gives explanations, background, and context to clarify and broaden the user's understanding of a topic. It's not concerned with what the user might be doing as it approaches a topic from a higher perspective and different angles.

References give exact and up-to-date product descriptions and how to use the product. It enables users to do their work with confidence by providing factual information.

The Volt MX Go documentation has a top menu bar that includes the main document sections. You can select any section from the top menu bar to open the index page of that section and display all the main topics. You can also open a topic from the right sidebar by choosing it.

Each topic page has a main body, containing the content, and sidebars. The left sidebar shows all the topics under the selected main document section. The right sidebar shows all the sections in the topic page.

A topic page may include links to other topics within the documentation and links to external references. The links to topics within the documentation open in the same browser tab, while links to external references open in new browser tabs.

Searching for information

The Volt MX Go documentation includes a search feature allowing you to enter search keywords in a search box. While entering the keywords, the search displays the likeliest completion for the last word.

The search result shows the number of documents with content matching all or any of the entered keywords and the title of the documents or document sections containing the keywords. You would need to move through the search results to see all the documents with matching content. You can select the document title or document section title to open the document page.

Support and community

  • To open support tickets, go to the Customer Support portal.
  • To share information, ask questions, and learn about Volt MX Go, go to the Community portal.