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Logging levels

Logging levels are essential for monitoring and evaluating activities that take place throughout the execution of Volt MX Go Iris. Log files contain information about the events happening in Volt MX Go Iris, especially during Design Import use. Users can select the appropriate logging level based on the level of log details they wish to capture.

Logging Level Description
Info Logs informational messages highlighting the estimated progress of the application. Failing to review the logs in this logging level doesn't result in missing important data.
Trace Logs all the information about the application to give full visibility of what's happening to the application.
Error Logs error events, such as stopping one or more features from correctly functioning, that might still allow the application to continue running.
Debug Logs detailed information about events useful to debug the application.
Warn Logs harmful situations, such as process interruption, that don't affect the whole application.
Fatal Logs severe error events that might lead the application to abort.