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First Touch app


The First Touch Recipe Catalog app is built with Volt MX Go to demonstrate how a Volt MX application can connect back to a Domino application through the Domino Adapter and Domino REST APIs. The app stores and displays recipe cards of various dishes. Its front-end user interface is created using Volt MX Go Iris, while the Domino database FirstTouchRecipes.nsf stores the recipe data used by the app. The app is an excellent working example of how data in your Domino database files might be accessed, displayed, and used in different ways and on various devices using Volt MX Go.

First Touch Recipe Catalog app

Database file

The Domino database FirstTouchRecipes.nsf stores the recipe data used by the the First Touch Recipe Catalog app. The database file consists of rows, each representing a recipe:

First Touch NSF

Each cell in a row represents a field containing recipe information:

Field name Field description
Name Name of the recipe
Prep Time Time needed for preparing the ingredients
Cook Time Time needed to cook the dish
Servings Number of servings
Ingredients List of ingredients
Directions Cooking instructions
Picture Photo of the dish

All the data is available in a single Domino View named $All by default.

Accessing the data

Accessing the recipe data is straightforward using the Domino REST API, which provides direct access to Domino data from Volt MX Go. The First Touch Recipe Catalog app uses new Volt MX Go object-oriented APIs by modeling each recipe as a Recipe Object:

Recipe object data model

The following image shows how the various Recipe operations map to particular APIs:

Recipe operations map to APIs

The table explains what each of the operations do:

Operation Description
GET gets/reads a recipe
PUT edits a recipe
POST creates a recipe
DELETE deletes a recipe

Using the app

You can click a recipe card to open an expanded view that shows recipe details such as ingredients and cooking instructions.

Recipe card expanded view

You can enter text or keywords in a Search Recipes box, which highlights the recipe cards with information matching the text or keywords.

Recipe card search

You can add a new recipe by clicking + Add Recipe. It opens the Add Recipe window, which allows you to add the recipe name, prep time, cooking time, number of servings, needed ingredients, and cooking direction. You can also upload a picture of the cooked dish using the recipe.

Add Recipe window

The app also allows you to edit each recipe by clicking the menu icon in the recipe card and selecting Edit to open the Update Recipe window. You can also click Edit when in the expanded view.

Edit recipe

In the Update Recipe window, you can change the values of the different fields.

Update Recipe window

If you want to remove a recipe, click the menu icon in the recipe card and select Delete. You can also click Delete when in the expanded view.

Delete recipe

Mobile phone version

Volt MX Go makes it easy to develop apps for many platforms. The First Touch Recipe Catalog app also works on mobile phones, such as iPhones and Android phones, using the same Domino REST APIs. In the mobile phone version of the app, you can also use all its features, such as viewing a recipe, editing a recipe, and adding a recipe.

Mobile phone version of First Touch recipe catalog app