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Compatibility matrix

This section provides compatibility information between different versions of Volt MX Go and Domino REST API. The section also provides version compatibility information between Volt MX Go version and Helm chart versions.

Volt MX Go and Domino REST API version compatibility


Using non-compatible versions of Volt MX Go and Domino REST API may result in operation issues. Always use compatible software versions.

Volt MX Go version Domino REST API version
version 2.0.3 version 1.0.12
version 2.0.2 version 1.0.8
version 2.0.1 version 1.0.7
version 2.0 version 1.0.6

Volt MX Go and Helm chart version compatibility

Helm chart component Volt MX Go version Helm chart version
Foundry DB Update 2.0.3 1.2.12
Foundry apps 2.0.3 1.2.12
Foundry DB Update 2.0.2 1.2.8
Foundry apps 2.0.2 1.2.8
Foundry DB Update 2.0.1 1.2.7
Foundry apps 2.0.1 1.2.7
Foundry DB Update 2.0.0 1.2.5
Foundry apps 2.0.0 1.2.5