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List of issues and corresponding resolutions.

General issues

  • First Touch or Custom Application Fails to Install on Volt MX Go Foundry


    This issue and its corresponding resolution aren't applicable when setting up First Touch in Volt MX Go installed in a development or test-only environment.

  • The kubectl commands fail after restarting Windows or Rancher Desktop

    When your kubectl commands fail after restarting Windows or Rancher Desktop, you must run the kubectl config set-context --current --namespace=mxgo command in your Ubuntu terminal session to set the current namespace context.

Domino Rest API schema issues


The information in this document is based on Volt MX Go version 2.0.3, Domino REST API version 1.0.12. and Domino server version 14.0.1.

List of issues and corresponding resolutions related to Domino REST API when importing Domino applications using Design Import.


If the Domino Rest API settings encounter an issue, a prompt will appear. While it may proceed, there is no guarantee that the resulting program will function correctly.


These issues apply only to default mode and dql mode.

  • Field value mismatch between modes

    This issue occurs when the dql mode and default mode have different property values, such as fields, type, field access, in declaring each mode. They have to be in parallel or similar in property values.

  • Form missing Default mode Fields and DQL mode

    This issue occurs when you haven't declared the same property values in both the dql mode and default mode. You have to declare the same property values in dql mode and default mode.

  • Form missing Fields on Default mode

    This issue occurs when you save the form without declaring any property values or fail to declare property values in default mode that's in the dql mode. You must declare all the fields in the default mode.

  • Missing DQL mode

    This issue occurs when only the default mode is declared. The dql mode and default mode must be parallel or similar to each other before importing the schema.

Consult your Domino Rest API administrator to assist you with configuring the Domino Rest API based on the prerequisites required for importing Domino Application.