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Trainings and webinars

Check the following platforms to learn how to modernize your Domino applications using Volt MX Go.

HCLSoftware U

Embark On Your Journey

Realize the power of possibility for you and your business. Visit HCLSoftware U for technical education on all products in the HCL Software portfolio. Start learning today!

Get hands-on development experience modernizing a Domino application with Volt MX Go and learn how to install and configure HCL Volt MX Go as an administrator. Check out the Volt MX Go learning journey in HCLSoftware U.

Volt MX Go Webinar Series

Watch the Volt MX Go Webinar series to better understand how to modernize your Domino apps while avoiding the cost, time, and risk of a total rewrite. The webinar series shows you how to:

  • extend existing Domino apps with multi-experience capabilities and advanced UX while retaining existing business logic
  • maximize your years of investment in Domino apps and skills
  • deploy on cloud of your choice at scale
  • unleash citizen development and work with business users to deliver new apps

The webinar series includes the following webinars:

Volt MX Go on HCL SoFy

Explore everything Volt MX Go can do in a free, hosted trial environment on HCL SoFy. Your sandbox will be up and running in 10 minutes and provides access to a hosted Domino server (where you can copy or replicate your own Domino applications), the Domino REST API, Volt Foundry, and Iris, a step-by-step wizard to connect Volt MX to Domino, Design Import, and VoltFormula. Check the following links for more information: