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Run a Maven Build

Ths section will take you through setting up a Maven build evironment so that you will be able to compile and build the KEEP source code.

Setup Java 8

If you haven’t already, go to the Java 8 section and download and configure Java 8. In particular, make sure to configure symbolic links to the three Notes jars: notes, websrc, and njempcl. Without the links, KEEP will not compile cleanly, as the lotus.domino package will not be found. Also check that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set correctly, so that Maven will find the proper Java version.

Install Maven

Maven is an open source build program that came out of the Apache Jakarta project nearly twenty years ago. To download a copy, go to the Maven website and select the download link: Select the zip or tar.gz file of your choice and then expand it into a root level directory, for example: C:\Maven. Then add the bin directory to the end of your PATH environment variable, for example: C:\Maven\apache-maven-3.6.3\bin. To verify your work so far, type: mvn -v from the command line. This will return your Maven version as well as your Java setup.

The Project Object Model (POM)

A Project Object Model file, pom.xml, provides all the configuration information necessary to build a particular project. If you bring up the pom.xml file in the root domino-keep directory you’ll see it begins with general information about the project, including the project name and version number which are used as identifiers. The project information is followed by a list of Maven Plugins, as one can customize Maven’s behavior by adding a number of specialized plugins that perform a desired function. Finally the pom file ends with a list of the projects dependencies. The Pom file in root domino-keep directory builds the whole project, but there are also satellite Pom files in each of the major sub directories. If there is a Pom file present, you know that a Maven build will run there.

In general, someone setting up a build environment will not need to modify the existing pom files, as they are already present and correct. But they are worth a mention here so that you have a basic understanding of how a Maven build works. If you need to add a new dependency or a new Maven plugin this is where it’s done.

Run a full KEEP build

If you are making a number of changes, you might want to completely rebuild the KEEP source from the KEEP root directory. The following command first does a clean to remove old files, followed by package to rebuild the projectkeep.jar, and site to rebuild the documentation.

  • Open up a command window
  • cd <devhome>\domino-keep\keep-core
  • mvn clean package site

Build logging

Maven accepts a number of command line options (get the full list here: mvn –help). If you’re having trouble getting a module to build, you might want to capture the build output in a log file using the -l option:

mvn -l bldlog.log site:run

Maven references:

Apache Maven Home: Maven in Wikipedia: 20 Minute Maven Tutorial: