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Setup Java 8

This section describes how to install the proper version of Java and then configure it to support development builds.

Install Java 8

Both the Windows and Mac version of OpenJDK Version 8 can be downloaded from the AdoptOpenJDK foundation here:

You want the latest version of Java 8 (not the latest version of Java) so select OpenJDK 8 (LTS). Now click Latest Release to begin the download. Once the download completes, open up your downloads directory and run the installer.


Configure Java 8

The OpenJDK requires a little configuration to function properly as part of a KEEP build.


Bring up your environment variables, and add JAVA_HOME to point to your new Java 8 directory (for example: C:\Java8\jdk8u252-b09). This will allow the build to find the proper Java instance.

For KEEP to build properly, the Java 8 compiler needs to be able to resolve Notes Domino references. This done by configuring symbolic links between the Java 8 lib directory and the Notes lib directory, for three Notes jars.

For Windows, open a command window and go to the jre\lib\ext directory within your OpenJDK directory.

Then create the sybolic links for the Notes.jar, the websvc.jar, and the njempcl.jar.

cd %JAVA_HOME%\jre\lib\ext

mklink .\Notes.jar C:\Notes\jvm\lib\ext\Notes.jar

mklink .\websvc.jar C:\Notes\jvm\lib\ext\websvc.jar

mklink .\njempcl.jar C:\Notes\jvm\lib\ext\njempcl.jar

Note: If your Notes is not installed in C:\Notes adjust the paths above accordingly.

For the Mac, the process is essentially the same, except you would use the Mac symbolic link command: ln -s