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The KEEP task

On Domino servers, KEEP can be loaded using load keep in the Domino server console.

To automatically start KEEP on server start, the mode of operation you want for a production system, add keep to the values of the notes.ini entry servertasks.

The launch of KEEP is governed by the notes.ini key KeepInstallDir, which is set by the KEEP installer.

KEEP task commands

Once the KEEP task is loaded in the Domino console, you can use the following commands to interact with KEEP:

Command Effect
load keep Start KEEP.
tell keep quit End KEEP.
tell keep reload Restart with new configuration.
tell keep [show] info Show loaded components (geek stuff).
tell keep [show] config Show current configuration.
tell keep [show] status Show version information and state.
tell keep reload cache [database] [application] Reload KEEP’s database and application cache.
Leave off optional parameters for both.