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Web Handler

All Web handlers need to implement Handler.handle(RoutingContext ctx). In our implementations they all extend AbstractAPIHandler


JSON processing

When a request has no body (e.g. GET, DELETE) and expects the content type application/json or the request body/response both are application/json no Web handler code needs to be written. The [DefaultJsonHandler] (/domino-keep-docs/extendingkeep/javadoc/com/hcl/domino/keep/handlers/core/DefaultJsonHandler.html) automatically takes care of this.

Only when the default processing isn’t used does the API require a custom handler.

Custom handlers

To extend the AbstractAPIHandler only two methods (and one constructor copied) needs to get implemented. Prepare and send it to the database handler:

  protected JsonObject preparePayload(final RoutingContext ctx, final MultiMap header) {
    // TODO: Your code goes here ...
  • @param ctx - Request/Respnse context
  • @param header The header for the EventBus
  • @param eventbusId - to identify the object
  • @return a future with the JSON Object we sent over the EventBus
  protected abstract Future<JsonObject> prepareRequestBody(final RoutingContext ctx,
      final MultiMap header);

To process the returned value

  protected void listenForResponse(final EventBusRequestObservable<T> observable, final RoutingContext ctx) {
    // TODO: Your code goes here ... 


Interface for backpressure sensitive operationof Eventbus to HTTP/EventArch/Others transmission Type Parameters: Json, Buffer, String

  • @param incomingObservable The Observable running
  protected abstract void listenForResponse(final EventBusRequestObservable<T> incomingObservable,
      final RoutingContext ctx);  

The method subscribe the observable and send data back once the response is retrieved from the RoutingContext.

        value -> {
        // Your code goes here for values
        error -> {
        // Your code goes here for an error
        () -> {
        // Your code goes here for end of data
  • @param incomingObservable The observable that comes with JsonObject
  • @param ctx Request context
 Observable.create(incomingObservable) {
     value -> AbstractAPIHandler.incomingJsonValues(incomingObservable, value,
                dataHasStarted, response, this.expiry),
     error -> this.handleErrorWhileListening(ctx, error, dataHasStarted.get()),
     () -> AbstractAPIHandler.incomingJsonValuesComplete(resultExpectsAnArray,
                dataHasStarted, response));

Helper functions

  • Collect all the parameters you can use payloadFromAllParams(ctx, header);
  • To add the data to a returned JSON, before it needs to be sent use injectIntoObservableValue(value)
  • Signal an error using endWithError

Handler flags

Overwrites the method getReqOptions() to alter the conditions like required authorization or default database. Check the ENUM RequestOptionFlags for available details