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User Tools

Below is the list of tools that can be used when dealing with REST APIs. Some of these tools are referred to in this documentation. You can, however, use whichever tool you are comfortable with.

Tool Name Description
curl Command line tool and library for transferring data with URLs. It is used for REST interaction - for scripts and command line.
jq Command line tool that processes JSON back and forth. Works well with curl.
Postman Cross-platform tool to interact with REST resources. Easy to use and very powerful when testing APIs. We provide [sample collections] for it, for you to try.
CharlesProxy HTTP(S) proxy to debug. Especially helpful when the client is not a browser.
Mockaroo Online tool to generate sample data.
Let’s Encrypt Generates free SSL certificates.
SourceTree for GIT Used for version control.
Swagger UI Allows visualization and interaction with APIs without the need for actual implementation logic.

Developer Tools

Below are the requirements for contributing to or extending KEEP:

Check the details to setup the development environment

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