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This tutorial is designed to familiarize KEEP administrators and Notes or Web developers with the KEEP API.

Note KEEP must be installed and running.

In this tutorial, we will use the database Demo.nsf. You can download it from Resources.

What’s Next

This tutorial includes multiple sections. You will see how to add a database to the KEEP configuration so that its content can be accessed by the KEEP API. You will also perform basic actions like viewing the list of databases, checking the views and forms, creating a document, deleting a document and more. Each of these actions can performed using the AdminUI or Postman/curl.

More tutorials

Additional tutorials are available as described below and also can be found here:

Notes and Domino Developers

Follow the “Domino ToDo Database” tutorial for Notes and Domino developers. It will walk you through:

  • Using the XPages ToDo Application.
  • Viewing the ACL via Keep Postman APIs.
  • Configuring it for validated KEEP API access.
  • Using OData to access data in Microsoft Excel. All steps will be done via the KEEP Admin GUI.

Web Developers

If you are new to Domino, see the “New Domino Database” tutorial for web developers It will walk you through:

  • Creating a new Domino database.
  • Adding forms for customers and contacts.
  • Adding views.
  • Configuring the database for validated REST API access.
  • Updating the access for the database. Some steps are done via the KEEP Admin GUI, some via Postman.


We also have a tutorial to demonstrate how to export data from Notes databases to OData using KEEP API

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