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Good security is not a one-trick pony, but a combination of factors. Here is what we implemented:

  • We use Open Standards wherever appropriate. Standards enjoy more scrutiny from more eyeballs.
  • The vert.x Framework supports all flavors of SSL certificates.
  • All endpoints, short of login and OData, require a signed JWT claim.
  • We support public/private keys for identity provider setup.
  • Databases are not automatically exposed on REST, when you run KEEP. Only the ones that are configured by the administrators.
  • No anonymous access is granted for REST data.
  • Access to sensitive information can be limited to servers that present additional credentials.
  • Read/Write access is controlled on a per form, field and user basis. See The Barbican for details.

Here’s a flowchart to show how KEEP handles security.

Security flow

See more details in security configuration.

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