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Functional Accounts

There are a series of endpoints that are not associated with regular user ids:

  • Management console (Port 8889)
  • Metrics endpoint (Port 8890)
  • Health check (Port 8886)

To enable access to those, you need functional accounts. Same applies to the use of KEEP in a local context when running on a client.

There are multiple reasons to keep this users separate from your enterprise directory:

  • They need to be available when the directory is not available
  • They don’t need access to regular end points

Functional users configuration file

Create a file functionalUsers.json in the directory [NotesData]/keepconfig.d. Add the following JSON structure:

Functional Users

  "identity": {
    "healthcheckAPI": {},
    "managementAPI": {},
    "metricsAPI": {},
    "singleDbModeUsers": {}

In each of the sections you specify a user object in the same way:

Functional User

  "metrics": {
    "active": true,
    "secret": "13549ED65AD8760294B9DC898C44F8ABEED399ABB1CA7DC51E8CCFF461D56D13:32BDC8A5DF60FCE424299543DFFF408F500DB1B1EEC4FAB848AA0ED794F5D89AA65A5449EC36BF9CBF53980E4B7DF2B3A3581186E409F5B69BC0C16E51237CC8"
Key Purpose
Json key UserId for authentication, case sensitive, no variations
active true/false to temporarily disable an account
CN Common name in X500 format, optional. When missing user name is the Json key
secret Salted and encrypted password

Obtaining salted passwords

The management endpoint (Port 8889) has, besides others, an utility function to salt and encrypt passwords. To access the management endpoint you need to have a salted password already. To solve this paradoxon create a file tempmanagement.json in your keepconfig.d directory and copy in the following content:

  "identity": {
    "managementAPI": {
      "Doctor Notes": {
        "active": true,
        "secret": "E4B321EBA91B7F92D9BF5EAFA5322824FEC2287B8A6C133D7C31EFB706A2BA30:1A57478185E7AF3A98F01ECA08F0BA881DBC88BEC60AE8C6F1B1CC5CC55C11A20F676E082BF2D28BB96DB5A8CFB091C767C035B380DB4CBC7D1001EA8BE01663"

This creates the user “Doctor Notes” with the password password to access the management console

Don’t leave default passwords in your system

When done with creating new salted passwords, delete tempmanagement.json and restart KEEP. Someone will try to use it