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Change Log

This page lists the changes in each release.

Current Version: 1.7.x Beta EA

  • Update vert.x to 4.3.3
  • Update all Java dependencies
  • Fixed large amount of AdminUI and other bugs
  • Installer for Windows and Linux (Java command line) available (Container image too)
  • Updated Postman examples
  • Updated landing page
  • OpenAPI display now has dropdown showing all schemas
  • Updated RichText to MIME, RichText to Markdown rendering
  • Functional accounts are now stored in JSON file

1.6 Beta EA

  • Dropped Domino versioning, switched to KEEP’s internal version
  • Updated vert.x to 4.3.0
  • Updated all Java dependencies
  • Docker container uses Domino 12.0.2 BETA
  • Database specific KEEP configurations now stored as design elements in database (thus also editable from Domino designer)
  • reworked configuration format, close to JSON schema
  • New end point /listpivot for server side pivot operations
  • Updated admin UI
  • Consistency enforcement for JSON. Fields defined as multi-value will always return array regardless of note content. Fields defined as single value will never return an array
  • KEEP Schema caters to Names, Readers, Authors
  • OAuth IdP functionality for KEEP applications
  • extended info in JWT token
  • related multi-value fields can be configured to return combined records

12.0.1-EarlyAccess Beta3

  • Java based installer that works on all platforms (bugs fixed)
  • Docker container uses Domino 12.0.1 Beta
  • New endpoints
    • bulk/create
    • bulk/update
    • vcalendar/{calid}/{unid}
  • Updated Postman test
  • Start script fixes
  • vert.x updated to 4.2.0
  • Dependencies updated
  • Reworked KEEP task (no more pipe errors)

12.0.1-EarlyAccess Beta2

  • Installer: The downloads now include the Java based installer. See installation for details. Currently the installer has been tested on Linux only but you are free to try.
  • OData now is read/write for OData clients supporting write operations (e.g. Salesforce).
  • Updated all Java dependencies to the latest available version.
  • Improved startup sequence: eliminated dependency on DXL to bootstrap KEEP, hence making the process more stable.
  • New Domino server add-in task created for KEEP. You now can start KEEP using load keep at the Domino server console.
  • Bugs squashed, documentation updated, typos hunted down.