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Using a Text item as a label

For accessibility ease of use, users might prefer to see the title of an entry field to the side of the field, rather than above the field.

The following instructions describe how to set a text item as the title of a field. For this example, the title is displayed to the left of the field where the user will type information. You can also use these instructions inside a Section, which allows you to format the spacing between the Text item and the Entry Field without affecting the spacing of the rest of your form.

  1. Add a Text item to the left column of the grid.

    The Edit Text Properties side panel opens.

  2. Type the title you want to display to users on the form.

  3. Copy the information displayed in the ID field.

    On a new form, where the text item is the first item on the form, the default name is F_Text1. You can change this ID to be any name you want, however each form item must have a unique ID.

  4. Add a Single Line Entry, or Multi-Line Entry to the right of the Text item.

  5. In the properties side panel, delete the text from the Title field.

  6. Go to Data Label and paste the unique ID you copied from the Text field.

When you save and preview the form, the text item appears as the label for the entry field.

Parent topic: Creating an accessible application