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Mapping form items to PDF fields

The following instructions describe how to create a Service Configuration to map Leap fields to fields in an existing PDF and, when triggered, returns the filled PDF to the user.

  • You must have your PDF uploaded in the Settings > Files section.
  • If you did not save your application after you uploaded the PDF, click Save before you use the following instructions.
  • You must create a Leap form containing fields that are similar to the fields in the PDF.

  • Go to the Settings tab.

    • If you only have one form, click Services from the menu on the left side of the page.
    • If there are multiple forms, click Services > <form_name >.
    • Click Add Service Configuration.

    The Service Configuration window opens.

  • From the Service Catalog menu, select Documents.

    A list of available documents is displayed.

  • Select the PDF from the list and click Next.

    The Inputs tab is activated.

  • Select a form item from the Select source window, and a corresponding item from the Select target window.

    For example, you would map your Leap First Name form item to the First Name field in the PDF.

  • Click the Assign input button that is located between the two windows.

    When valid mapping is done, a check mark appears to the right of the item name in the Select source, and Select target windows. The mapped value also appears in the list of Assigned Inputs.

  • When all inputs are mapped, click OK.

Parent topic: Leap document integration