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Deploying Leap

This section describes the steps required to upgrade HCL Leap, and the Leap Portlet for use with WebSphere® Portal.

  • Preparing to deploy
    This section describes how to prepare to deploy Leap.
  • Kubernetes Helm deployment
    The Kubernetes container platform allows orchestration features for the automated deployment, coordination, scaling, and management of containerized applications. This deployment mechanism leverages Helm to establish a reliable and repeatable containerized solution.
  • Deploying to a traditional platform
    The following topics describe how to deploy Leap to a traditional platform.
  • Completing the post-deployment tasks
    After you run the HCL Leap installer for WebSphere Application Server, you must complete the deployment by setting up the Leap environment.
  • Upgrading
    The following topics describe how to upgrade Leap.
  • Migrating from IBM Forms Experience Builder
    The following instructions describe how to upgrade from IBM Forms Experience Builder to HCL Leap.