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Custom Properties

The custom widget can define an array of custom properties for the app author to modify.

Each property is an object with the following attributes:

  • id: (required) uniquely identifies this property for this widget.
  • label: (required) the property's label.
  • propType: (required) one of:
    • 'string': rendered as a textbox.
    • 'string-multiline': rendered as a textarea.
    • 'enum': rendered as a dropdown. must be accompanied by a values attribute (see example below).
    • 'boolean': rendered as a checkbox.
    • 'number' : rendered as a number input, for any number.
    • 'integer' : rendered as a number input, for integers only.
    • 'customOptions' : see the following listed items.
  • values: required if propType is 'enum' (see the following example).
  • defaultValue : (optional) the property's default value.
  • constraints : (optional)
    • min: (optional) minimum allowed property value for numbers.
    • max: (optional) maximum allowed property value for numbers.


const myWidgetDefintion = {
  properties: [
      id: 'messageType',
      label:  'Message Type',
      propType: 'enum',
      values: [{title: 'Information', value: 'info'}, {title: 'Warning', value: 'warn'}, {title: 'Error', value: 'error'}],
      defaultValue: 'info'

Parent topic: Custom Widget API