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Certain attributes of the widget definition can be displayed to app authors working in different locales. To support multiple languages during authoring, some properties can be specified as "multi-string" objects rather than a plain string values.

For example:

label: 'Yes/No',

can be written as

label: {
  "default": 'Yes/No',
  "fr": 'Oui/No',
  "de": 'Ja/Nein'

The property names are expected to match the lang attribute of the current HTML page. For example, "fr": 'Oui/No' matches <html lang="fr">.

If there is no match, then the "default" property will be used as a fallback.

The following widget attributes are globalizable:

  • label
  • description
  • category > label
  • properties > (property) > label
  • properties > (property) > defaultValue
  • properties > (property) > options > (option) > title

Parent topic: Custom Widget API