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Sending an email after a user submits a form

You can send email notifications to managers or other users by adding an activity to the Submit button in a form.

You can send one or more email on a Submit action, or send one email to multiple email addresses.

  1. Click the Workflow tab.

  2. Select the desired Stage button in the diagram.

    The Properties panel displays on the side of the screen.

  3. In the Activities tab, click Add Activity.

  4. Select Send an Email.

  5. In the Activity Settings panel, you can:

    • Manually add the email address of the recipient, a subject line, and a message, if required.
    • Populate each of the fields with information from the form. Under each field, click Insert and select a form item from the list.
    • Address an email to everyone in a predefined role by clicking Insert Item > Roles, and selecting the role that you want.

Parent topic: Adding Stages to an application