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Prepare a namespace

You need to create a namespace in your Kubernetes cluster that contains all the resources related to your HCL Leap Container deployment.

It is recommended that the namespace is created before the deployment.

Identify a name for your namespace and create it using the following syntax:

On Kubernetes platforms:


# Command to create a namespace using kubectl 
# This example creates a namespace called "my-namespace" 
kubectl create ns my-namespace 


For OpenShift, you must create a namespace with specific settings.

Use the following namespace definition and save it as namespace.yaml. You must replace my-namespace in the template with the name of the namespace you are using:

apiVersion: v1 
kind: Namespace 
  name: my-namespace 
  annotations: "s0:c24,c4" "1001/10000" "1000/10000" 

OpenShift client:

# Command to create namespace from template file 
oc apply -f namespace.yaml 

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