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The documents in this section provide reference material and samples for HCL Leap.

  • REST API reference
    The REST API can be used by other programs to communicate with Leap.
  • JavaScript API

  • Services
    The following topics provide reference information about adding services to HCL Leap.

  • Embedding items in an iframe
    You can use iFrames to embed charts and applications in a web page.
  • Embedding API
    The Embedding API can be used to embed a Leap form directly in another webpage without using an <iframe>. The Leap form will be inserted into the DOM of the hosting page and can be interacted with using the Leap JavaScript API or any custom JavaScript. Additionally, the style of items in the Leap form can be customized by the CSS of the hosting page.
  • Creating customized Cascading Style Sheets
    You can apply your own custom Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to the rendering of your HCL Leap application. To create a custom theme, you must be familiar with the basic concepts of CSS.
  • Custom Widget API
    This API provides a mechanism to incorporate custom widgets into the HCL Leap product.