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Known limitations

  • Complex Data: Widgets that need to store complex data are expected to use a "parsable" string value (ex. JSON). There is no mechanism to handle customized rendering of this value in some parts of the product (ex. Print View), or to customize searching/filtering based on the intricacies of the complex value.
  • Containers: There is no support for custom container widgets, those being widgets that contain other widgets, such as a collapsible section.
  • Full Custom Properties: There is no mechanism to supply 100% custom properties. Properties of the custom widget will be from a set of common prescribed types.
  • In-line Editing: There is no mechanism to support the app author in direct in-line editing of a widget's properties on the canvas.
  • Multilingual Apps: There is no mechanism (beyond an app author's custom JavaScript) to allow app authors to supply property values for an application that is to be used by end-users who speak different languages.
  • Author-Defined Data Constraints - There are limited mechanisms for app authors to define data constraints on the values supplied by end-users. Values can be constrained in the UI by the custom widget itself, or by the author's custom JavaScript.

Parent topic: Custom Widget API