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Application statistics REST API

Application statistics REST API exposes statistics data on all applications, such as an application's last updated date, record count, attachment size etc.

Statistics are collected by a timer task which can be configured by an administrator using Configuration properties.

  • Authentication

    All REST API calls must be made as an authenticated user in Administrator or Super Administrator role. If you want to exercise the API with code, you may use basic authentication. The primary mechanism is to use basic authentication where the username and password are a Base64 encoded string.

  • REST actions

    The following table lists the types of actions that are available and the URLs associated with those actions.

    URL HTTP Verb ActionName
    /apps-basic/secure/org/admin/apps GET list
    /apps-basic/secure/org/admin/apps/{app-uid} GET app detail

    Note: {app-uid} is the UID of the application.


This action retrieves a list of all apps, available query parameters:

  • forceRefresh: executes statistics collection on all apps. Default value: false

  • includeForms: whether includes app forms information in response. Default value: false

  • includeAdmins: whether includes app administrators information in response. Default value: false

  • format: (case sensitive) acceptable values:

    • JSON: json or application/json
    • Spreadsheet: xlsx or application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet
  • filename: (optional) only used when pFormat is set to xlsx format. The file extension must be .xlsx.

    Note: If this parameter is not specified, the default file name is app.xlsx.

App detail

This action retrieves the details for a single app.

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