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Adding formulas to your application

You can create and edit formulas to assign values to an item on your HCL Leap form.

There are two places within Leap where you can access the Formula editor:

  • The Formula tab of the Properties side panel.
  • The Formula menu item from the Settings tab.

  • Creating a Formula from the Properties side panel
    You can set a formula on a form item using the Properties side panel. The following instructions describe how to open the Formula editor and the formula options available.

  • Creating a formula from the Settings tab
    The Settings tab contains a Formula section from which you can view and create formulas.
  • Running a formula from an event
    After you add General formulas using the Settings tab, you can use the formulas when running events. For example, you can set a formula to run when a user clicks a button.

Parent topic: Creating and managing applications