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Deploying applications and viewing data responses

After an HCL Leap application is built it must be deployed. After it is deployed, you can supply users with the URL of the application so they can launch it. After users submit completed forms, you can view the responses.

  • Deploying an application
    Deploying an HCL Leap application makes it available for users. When you click Deploy, the application is loaded onto a server. You can deploy an application immediately, or set a timer to deploy the application for a specific period of time.
  • Updating and stopping a deployment
    The following instructions describe how to update, or stop, the deployment of an HCL Leap application.
  • Launching an application
    After an HCL Leap application is deployed, the Launch link is enabled. When you click Launch, the live application opens in a new window.
  • Viewing submitted responses
    After users complete and submit forms, you can view the submitted responses. Responses are available compiled into summary charts, or as a list of individual forms.
  • Importing data in View Data
    Application Owners can use an Import Data operation on the View Data page to import spreadsheet data into their application. This can provide a quick start method for adding many records/rows of data into an application from an existing spreadsheet.

Parent topic: Creating and managing applications